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Converged Network Design
With more and more building automation and security systems migrating to IP capable devices, the demand for new and existing buildings to be network ready becomes essential. Fortis Security offers consultancy and commissioning services on converged network infrastructures to cater for systems such as BMS, Access Control, CCTV, Radio, Intercoms, Smart signs, VOIP and wireless. All these with cost, security, performance, and redundancy in mind.
Managed Services
To achieve operational efficiency, many businesses have opted to Managed Services for their converged network. This relieves operation resources to focus on their core businesses. Fortis Security offers such services from managing the day-to-day network configuration & monitoring task, scheduled hardware & software maintenance, and reporting & documentation task.
Support Services
Fortis Security also provide support services in a project basis or a service call to work alongside businesses where resources are required. We offer network mapping & auditing, network schematic & diagram documentation, network configuration & troubleshooting, and asset documentation.
Onsite Support | Information Technology | Fortis Security
Onsite Support
Fortis Security has presence across major cities in Australia. When an onsite visit is required, our technical support team is reachable to provide onsite support to cater for your network needs.
Hardware, software, and subscriptions.
Fortis Security offers a comprehensive IT procurement service. We work closely with various distributors and suppliers to validate not just the best pricing for our customers but also value-added consultation ensuring that the required specifications and performance standards are met according to manufacturer recommendations.
Remote Support
Remote support has been essential for many enterprise companies, especially during this Covid pandemic. Fortis Security offers remote support services not only covering critical troubleshooting on the network but also planned commissioning projects and maintenance work to suit the dynamic business operation hours and location of our customers.
Sometimes you know where your equipment will be operated, but not when it will be there. By utilising a mesh network, your equipment automatically connects to the most appropriate radio point. It then allows multiple paths increasing reliability and throughput at the same time. By understanding your requirements, we can design and implement a network with coverage everywhere you require it.
Trailers/Plinths/Vehicle Mount
The last-mile connection can often be the most challenging part of the network. By utilising a temporary setup with radio links, we can provide high throughput, high reliability, and independent power solutions. These systems can be used for either back-hauls or a camera mounting point. Solar systems are designed to be low maintenance and exceed power budget requirements for critical systems. By utilising methanol fuel cells, back-up charging can be incorporated in domestic areas where system noise needs to be considered. We can design and deliver a system to meet your requirements and expectations.
Monitoring of Network equipment (including Wi-Fi) and Internet connectivity
Proactive monitoring of network equipment has become key to minimising disruptions to business operations. Fortis Security offers monitoring services to our customers and providing proactive reporting on faults and potential critical warnings on the network.
Business Internet & Firewall
Fortis Security offers services for managed Business Internet along with Next Generation Firewall equipment. Our service provides a one stop billing for the internet services, configuration of firewalls for security policies, site to site VPN, remote access, customisation on security monitoring and threat detection reports and handling of support calls with the Internet Service Provider.
Coverage in the metro area is great, but what do you do when you are working in remote locations? By utilising satellite comms, your team and equipment is always able to keep contact in the outback. We offer different solutions based upon your locations, up-time, and throughput requirements.