At Fortis, our resources are dedicated to supporting our customers for the full life cycle of their security assets - from conception and design through to installation and commissioning.

We strive to build strong relationships with our customers by developing and maintaining trust through truly understanding the customers expectations, predicting their needs and providing them with industry-leading solutions and insights.

Our dedicated team of experienced engineers, technician, project managers and developers will work with you to understand your business goals and recommend the best solution to move forward with clear deliverables, timeline and costs.

Our goal is to deliver industry leading, multifaceted operational and security solutions that enhance lines of defence and provide complete protection for your people, assets, and data.

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Critical Infastrucure

Be prepared for every situation.

As a facility manager, you need to be prepared for a broad range of operational and security risks including Cyber threats, Facility breaches, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pandemics and more, which could undermine key infrastructures and operational capabilities.

Fortis provides a broad range of end-to-end solutions to meet your needs, including:

  • Security surveillance Technologies such as, 4K and thermal cameras and thermal cameras to secure your facilities
  • Business operational enhancement/efficiency systems
  • Drone detection to detect and identify intruding drones.
  • Plant management, geo location and Thermal inspection to locate equipment and prevent failures


The retail sector is undergoing fundamental changes in the face of rapid digitalization.

Fortis has a number of Smart Retail Solutions; from providing security, operational efficiency and loss prevention for retail shops to strengthening business operations through video-aided business intelligence and smart analytics.

Fortis retail solutions bring together the latest technologies to provide:

  • Security & Loss Prevention: Ensure a secure & safe shopping environment while combating shoplifting, internal theft, cashier fraud.
  • Business Intelligence: Reduce operational expenditure, increase store operating efficiency, and enhance profits by understanding the relationship between customer data and transaction data.


Innovating transportation environment.

Rapid advancements and widespread implementation of digital technologies and analytics will lead to better transport management of the transport and improve how and when we move people and products around our cities.

Fortis transportation solutions make our cars, trucks, trains, and buses safer and more efficient through digital technologies and integrated intelligent data analytics, in the form of:

  • The latest technologies like ANPR, Panoramic and Face Recognition work to improve operational efficiency and create safer environments through more effective monitoring.

Commercial Buildings

Efficient and effective services at your fingertips.

Commercial building facilities face their own unique set of challenges in fulfilling security, comfort, and management efficiencies.

In solving these challenges, Fortis has a wealth of experience in providing:

  • Products and solutions to secure your facility
  • Visitor management
  • Intelligent analytics
  • Technologies for improved management efficiency
  • Unified VMS for various products

Border Protection

Front Line, where every second matters.

Protecting our borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful trade and travel, is essential to Australia’s security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty. The delivery of critical security technology and resources are fundamental to securing and managing our borders and keeping the Australian public safe.

Fortis security offers a suite of solutions to meet the unique challenges faced in border Protection, including;

  • Video security & analytic technologies – We combine our portfolio of cameras and access control infrastructure with AI-enabled analytics to help you instantly recognize what’s important and what’s not and providing strong evidence in the event of security breaches.
  • Optimising mission-critical environments, such as command centres to enable time-critical collaborations and allow information to flow seamlessly when every second matter.
  • Monitoring of Border Incursions for National Border Security using Radar as the primary detection sensor for long-range remote surveillance platforms
  • Critical data safety. Providing sophisticated measures to ensure data safety.
  • Body-worn Cameras. Capture strong Audio and video evidence and Share intelligence on the go.

Government (Federal, State and Local)

Complimenting traditional security strategies with data protection in an evolving digital world.

Public safety and security is paramount for all levels of government across a diverse array of sites and applications.

Fortis is committed to providing integrated security solutions that create a safe and secure environment

Safe City

The global trend of urbanisation has led to cities playing an ever more important role in our lives. Safeguard your city and community with Fortis Safe City solutions.

Traffic Management

The solution of Traffic Management is proven to reduce traffic violations, save lives and help traffic authorities to relieve traffic congestion with reliable system design.

Thermal imaging

As part of the COVID-19 response; government departments have led the initiative to use thermal imaging devices to screen for elevated body temperatures entering critical facilities.


You are committed to quality. We are committed to you.

Maintaining high standards of quality and safety in production spaces and infrastructure.

Fortis is committed to providing integrated security solutions that provide the tools necessary to make sure you always deliver the highest quality at a most efficient manner.

  • Security Surveillance products strategically placed around critical manufacturing points for quality control and safety
  • Access Control provides added control of movement and security throughout the facility
  • Thermal Imaging providing the ability to monitor critical equipment and areas preventing equipment failure and unauthorised access
  • Cyber Security reducing risks of delays or compromise from ever-increasing digital threats to your business
Urban Architecture Office of Building Business District


Securing patient outcomes now and in the future.

With thousands of visitors every day, Healthcare facilities are continuously exposed to high priority security concerns such as workplace violence, infant and pediatric security, emergency room security, theft prevention, parking lot security, pharmacy control, and much more. At the same time, the desire to improve the patient experience and overall facility management efficiency are emerging trends in the Healthcare sector. Fortis Security utilises the latest technologies to secure your facility, keeping patients and staff safe and secure and your facility running smoothly.

  • CCTV Surveillance Technologies such as, 4K resolution for highly detailed images and facial recognition to provide strong evidence in the event of disturbances and security breaches.
  • Comprehensive access control system can improve overall security, decrease hospital liability, and increase patient and staff safety.
  • Patient Management: Measure and analyse patient queues for better management decisions and improved patient outcomes.
  • Touch Point Reduction in Healthcare Restricted Access areas to prevent the spread of disease.


Playing it safe.

Educational institutions face similar challenges in fulfilling security and safety demands for staff, students and campus facilities.

In solving these challenges, Fortis provides:

  • Products and solutions to secure your facility
  • Intelligent analytics functionality
  • The latest cutting-edge technologies for improved campus management efficiency
  • Unified threat level management for securing buildings, students and staff.

TV and Production

Protecting the seen and unseen.

To understand and secure production facilities, people, assets, and critical data or intellectual property.

  • CCTV Surveillance Technologies such as high-resolution images provide strong evidence in the event of disturbances and security breaches.
  • AI face recognition, identification for early notification of unwanted persons.
  • A comprehensive access control system can improve overall security and increase facilities and staff safety.
  • Drone detection to detect and identify intruding drones.

Warehousing & Logistics

Security solutions; handled with care.

Many businesses in a variety of industries rely on logistics and warehousing to move and store large quantities of their products and assets.

Depending on the complexity of each particular logistic chain this can create multiple vulnerabilities which can include theft, damage to products, loss of assets and inability to monitor product movement into or out of storage.

Fortis can provide tailored and integrated security solutions for your particular business requirements :

  • Security surveillance such as Facial recognition and License Plate Recognition to monitor deliveries and track activity
  • Visitor management via access control to restrict access and log attendances
  • Securing your facility to protect asset loss and prevent intruders using a combination of access control, CCTV, deterrents such a sensor and strobe technology and Monitoring to ensure your facility is taken care of 24/7


Securing critical utilities with precision.

Securing utility facilities has always been top priority for utility companies. Having a trusted and proven system is important to ensure physical and data security is protected for utility companies.

Fortis Security works with key utility companies in the energy and water industry, providing consultation and solutions such as;

  • Security surveillance for internal and external facilities
  • Securing perimeter and building facility with comprehensive access control systems
  • Intrusion and duress control system
  • Integration of surveillance with access and intrusion systems
  • Remote surveillance and control through secure VPN tunnels
  • Centre monitoring connecting remote sites for surveillance and intrusion