Clickatell One API Integration for Integriti v21


Integriti users can now easily communicate with their registered customers, staff, and site visitors through multiple communication channels with a single integration.

The integration of the Clickatell One API in Integriti Version 21 allows Integriti users to send and receive messages on WhatsApp and SMS, without programming multiple channels.

During a building emergency, sending messages via multiple channels directly to staff gives clear and concise directives to evacuate quickly and safely. It’s also important to contact off-site staff to let them know not to come in.

While SMS remains the standard means of messaging, mobile applications such as WhatsApp have been playing an important role in the messaging app scene. WhatsApp is the most used mobile messaging app in the world and the third most used social platform.

As communication methods evolve, additional channels will be added to the Clickatell platform. This will ensure Integriti users are able to adapt easily to the latest communication tools as they become available.

Contact Fortis Security to deploy a customised Clickatell One API integration for your Integriti solution.