Inner Range integrates Integriti with Suprema Facial Recognition


Integriti users are now easily able to connect to Suprema biometric devices and manage the accompanying data efficiently.

With global health concerns, a range of measures have been implemented worldwide to reduce the rate of infections caused by transmissible viruses. Biometrics technology is one of them and assists with limiting the spread of viruses.

As part of the latest release of Integriti, Version 21, Inner Range has launched a new integration with Suprema, a leading global provider of biometrics solutions.

Contactless facial recognition, voiceprint or iris scan are becoming predominant in the access control system industry, either to prevent fraud or the spread of transmissible viruses.

Integriti Version 21 allows the integration of Suprema’s wide range of contactless biometric terminals. Biometric credentials can be added directly into Integriti’s software, which instantly updates the Suprema databases in the biometric access control terminals. This integration streamlines data management, now only requiring one point for user management.

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