Data breaches are common and preventable


According to the Egress Insider Data Breach Survey 2021, it found that 94% of organisations experienced inside data breaches within the last year. 84% of the IT leaders surveyed advised human error was the top cause of the most serious incidents. Those surveyed also indicated that despite human error causing the most incidents less than one-fifth advised this to be their biggest concern.

Some of the key findings of the survey are:

  • 94% of organisations have experienced an insider data breach in the past year
  • 84% of organisations experiencing a security incident caused by a mistake
  • Malicious insiders are IT leader’s biggest worry, with 28% indicating that it’s their top concern.
  • 73% have suffered serious breaches caused by phishing.
  • Over half IT leaders believe that remote/hybrid working will make it harder to prevent data breaches caused by human error or phishing.
  • 61% of employees believe they are less, or equally likely, to cause a breach when working from home.

Egress CEO, Tony Pepper advised, “with the right technology and strategy in place, organisations can transform their people from their biggest security vulnerability into their strongest line of defense”.

The use of software to block malicious websites or phishing emails and/or monitor usage can assist in preventing these breaches.

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