Are you safe while working from home?


Remote work is disrupting the workplace and it is here to stay! Browsing habits have changed, not without consequences. Today, instead of targeting companies’ infrastructure, cyber-attacks aimed at employees.

Ermes Intelligent Anti Phishing is the first on-device web protection that prevents people-centred web attacks before they even occur. Any company can easily activate Ermes protection by providing users with a private, fast and safe navigation experience through both PC  and mobile devices, regardless of where they are located.

As a pioneering technology, Ermes combats phishing by contextualizing each request and blocking every tracking request before exiting the browser as well as continuously updating its blacklist of trackers. There are various types of phishing methods, a few of these are; Mal-advertising, cybersquatting, web-tracking, tab-nabbing, malicious browser extensions, crypto-jacking and web keylogging. Ermes can block and alert its client to all of these attacks – making it an imperative tool for businesses to implement within their organisation.

If you would like to learn more about or are considering implementing Ermes within your business please contact our team today to discuss how we can assist you with your custom security requirements.