Fortis Security announces partnership with Ermes


Fortis Security has partnered with Ermes to provide clients with a security solution to combat the evolving cybersecurity threats businesses are now faced with.

Ermes is an intelligent anti-phishing software that acts directly on a browser to prevent and intervene on targeted web attacks that other security solutions cannot recognise.

Phishing is a method of stealing confidential information through fraudulent messages to a targeted victim. These phishing campaigns usually look extremely convincing and replicate legitimate messages from reputable organisations that can be sent in the form of emails, SMS, social media posts or adverts. Within these messages is a “call to action” where the recipient can be tricked into providing personal information, including passwords or bank details.

As a pioneering technology, Ermes combats phishing by contextualizing each request and blocking every tracking request before exiting the browser as well as continuously updating its blacklist of trackers.

There are various types of phishing methods, a few of these are; malvertising, cybersquatting, web-tracking, tab-nabbing, malicious browser extensions, crypto-jacking and web keylogging.

Ermes can block and alert its client to all of these attacks – making it an imperative tool for businesses to implement within their organisation.

How can Ermes help your business?

There are multiple advantages when implementing this product:

  • All devices are fully protected against web threats
  • The data of employees is secured everywhere
  • Quick installation and customisation
  • Fully compatible with any other security solution
  • 4x of browser performance improvement
  • -25% load of network apparatus


If you would like to learn more or request this anti-phishing solution be implemented in your organisation please contact us.