How can Access control & CCTV assist in managing a pandemic?


Globalisation is the process of connection and interaction between businesses, people and governments across the world. This has been an increasing trend; allowing companies to provide services and products to a much greater market and have access to a more extensive array of resource options. However, the increased globalisation has also increased the susceptibility for viruses to spread and pandemics to occur affecting the entire globe.

According to the World Health Organization as of February 2021, on a global scale, the confirmed COVID-19 cases were over 100 million and approximately 2 million deaths.

As COVID-19 has shown to be highly infectious, persistent and destructive; it is more important than ever for businesses to be able to prevent and isolate cases as effectively as possible.

There are various methods and solutions that can be implemented by businesses to reduce the risk and protect their staff and customers.

Access control measures such as the use of card readers can limit access and record personnel when entering or exiting the facility which can be useful information if a case needs to be tracked and touchpoints identified.

Thermal camera technology can detect and record human temperature up to a precision level of 0.1°C. Thermal cameras translate the thermal radiation of a person into visual images with different colours indicating heat levels. Higher temperatures can be a sign of possible viral infection and therefore thermal cameras can be an important tool to use to determine if a person should be denied or granted access to your facility.

Strategically placed CCTV cameras can also play a role in tracking and recording personnel in the event there is a case.

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