Sound Barriers

Inferno sound barriers protect premises and objects that demand a heightened level of security. They are typically deployed in situations where conventional security alarm systems have/will fail to provide sufficient protection.

As the cost of an intrusion is directly proportional to the time available to the intruder, forcing him out immediately - as opposed to filming him - is the best way to limit damage and expense.

Forcing intruder to exit immediately, empty-handed and without confrontation, is surely the ultimate solution to any intrusion

Light Barriers

A light barrier or strobe is a device that produces a rapidly flashing white light of such intensity that it temporarily destroys the intruder's vision. Most effective in darkened environments, the light barrier attacks the intruder's vision by rendering the eyes incapable of adapting to a highly unstable light level.

The main benefit of the Inferno Product Range which is different is that it removes that "Window of Opportunity" whereby the intruder knows that they have 5 minutes before anyone arrives on site.

It "Forces Intruders Out".